Party Boys DJ Show has been Tennessee’s leader in quality* wedding entertainment since 1980. Our success has not come by accident. We are professionals who take your special day very seriously.

Click for demo video This video was taken at a recent Knoxville wedding and includes unedited segments of us in action.
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Creating lasting memories at your wedding means finding the perfect entertainment for your wedding reception.

After all, you have taken the time to be sure everything else is perfect.  Why stop before you select your DJ?

Of all decisions you make for your wedding day, your choice of entertainment will have the greatest impact on your celebration's success.

Picking the right entertainment is not as simple as picking up the phone book - there are a few things you should keep in mind.

How much wedding reception experience* a DJ/MC has is a key factor.  The right DJ and music selection is critical when you are planning for your reception party. 

Great* entertainment is not cheap and cheap entertainment is not great.

  • Quality: the highest or finest standard of excellence
  • Experience: active involvement in an activity or exposure to events or people over a period of time that leads to an increase in knowledge or skill
  • Great: exceptionally talented; with exceptional talents or achievements


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